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More than 2,000 books designed . . .




  • How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship, Frank Love
  • Scotland the Brave, W.B. Carnochan
  • AERIE Training Manual, Dion Petaros
  • Improve Your Declarer Play, Audrey Grant
  • How to Remember Every Card in the Deck, Baron Barclay
  • Collapse of Dignity, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • My First Car was a Motorcycle . . ., Hedley Turk
  • The Angels Are Talking, Angela Thornton
  • Reach for Paradise, Andrew Raynor
  • OPEN, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Power of the Twelve, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Brain Changer, BenBella Books,Inc.
  • If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • The Bank on Yourself Revolution, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Mission Driven Hospital, Chris Bart
  • Recetas de Solane Book 1 and 2
  • Before I Go, Arie Korving
  • 101 Recipes for Cats, Hilary Watson
  • Rescue Cat, Brenda Fiorini
  • The Family Seder, Jonathan Davi
  • My Life with Kangaroos - Gallaudet University Press
  • The Bee Book - Melissa Brodeur
  • Forbidden Fairytale Book III - Yanet Platt
  • Get a Grip - Gino Wickman and Mike Paton
  • Balancing - Mike Lawrence
  • Bayard Berndt - David Berndt
  • Networking is Dead - Melissa Wilson and Larry Mohl
  • Presumed Guilty - Jose Baez
  • What Really Happened - Rielle Hunter
  • I Married Mr. America - Lindy Tefft
  • Newcomer to Otter Creek - Carolyn Stephen and Susan Barber
  • We Need to Talk - Reverand Doctor Leonard Smith
  • Nevada Photograher - Cynthia Delaney
  • A Cherished Curiosity - Gerry Biron
  • Black Sheep - Robert Covelli
  • Mental Toughness - Larry Koenig
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent - Hank Weisinger
  • Kid2Kid - Jackie Fame
  • Wise Childbearing - Jennetta Billhimer
  • Renal Recipes for Cats and Dogs - Hilary Watson
  • Eat with Cazz and Lose Your Azz - Randy Cazzalino
  • Reclaiming Your Life After Cancer - Kim Thiboldeaux and Mitch Golant, PhD
  • The Impact of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts - Audrey Grant
  • Heart Attack proof - Michael Ozner, MD
  • Turn This Car Around - Gov. Bob Ehrlich
  • The Storm Breaks - James Bayne
  • I.M. Green - Gudrun Hoof
  • Still Dealing With How You’re Feeling
    - Blake Carroll
  • So You Thought You Couldn’t Cut It
    Jim Calder, Jr.
  • The Skinny Book of Weight Loss Tricks
    - Richard Kowal
  • Empowering Spanish Speakers
    - Jacquie Mackenzie
  • Islamic Theory of Evolution - T.O. Shanavas
  • I Want It Now! - Julie Dawn Cole

Commonwealth Books
The Birth of Virginia’s Aristocracy

The Dubious Achievement of the First Continental Congress


Joyful Journey Books

Rescue Pup


Michael Esslinger/Julie Dawn Cole

I Want It Now!


Brian Jaffe
Thanksgiving Tales


Practicioner Solutions
Practitioner’s Clinical Guide - Hospice Navigator Series


Polly Frost
With One Eye Open


Jefferson Press (David Magee)
An Accidental Memoir


Larry and Nydia Koenig
Smart Discipline for Teachers of Young Children

Keeping Your Child Safe at school


Michael Rhodes
The Freedom Code


Blake Carroll

Out of the Shaker

How to Meet & Defeat the Enemy
Dealing with How You’re Feeling

Still Dealing With How You’re Feeling


Chris Bart
20 Essential Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations Should Ask About Strategy


Cristy Molter
Superior Cooking


Rabbi Fishel Jacobs
Two Kings 1 and 2
Power Rabbi


Brandyn Roth
Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding: Lake Tahoe


Yanet Garcia
Forbidden Fairytales: City of Trinifin


Alejandro Chaban

De Gordo a Galan (From Fattie to Hottie)

Headwater Books

How to Catch Monster Shallow-Water Stripers


Hilary Watson

Complete & Balanced: ALL-RAW Homemade Meals for Dogs

Complete and Balanced: 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Dogs - Second Edition

Theresa Rose

Opening the Kimono


Mike Mosiman
The Smarter Preschooler


Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

2 Over 1 Game Force

Popular Conventions

Open the Bidding

An Introduction

Competitive Bidding


Plural Publishing
The Pediatric Airway

Digital Hearing Aids

Photodynamic Therapy of Diseases of the Head and Neck


Play Ball Publishing
Dreams Will Come, Dreams Will Go


Ocean View Publishing

Letters from Alcatraz

Alcatraz Rules & Regulations


Excelsior Press

Comfortable Sex


BenBella Books, Inc. (100-plus books total)

The Entrepreneur Equation

Filled with GLEE

The Safe and sane Guide to Teenage Plastic Surgery

What Your Pediatrician Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Your

The Company That Solved Health Care

Networking Is a Contact Sport

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

Fake Alibis

The Optimal Health Revolution - German edition

Queers in History

The Community College Guide

Vision Revolution

100 Sporting Events You Must See Live!

The Ticket

The Great American Heart Hoax

The Cure for Alcoholism

Sex and War

The Turtle Moves
Wonderful Marriage

The Miami Mediterannean Diet

The Psychology of Superheores

The Science of Michael Crichton

History Revisited

The Irrational Atheist

The Science of Dune

The Total Cancer Wellness Guide

Smart Pop Sampler 2007

The Psychology of Harry Potter

Coffee at Luke’s

Neptune Noir

Perfect Health

The Halo Effect


From Desperation to Dedication

Da Vinci’s Kitchen

Literary Cash

Little T Learns to Share

Reversing the Invisible Person Complex

The Man with the Iron Tattoo

So Say We All

Don’t Chew Jesus


This is My Funniest

My Ox is Broken

James Bond

Boarding the Enterprise

This is Chick-Lit


The Battle for Azeroth

Mapping the World of Harry Potter

Star wars on Trial

Welcome to Wisteria Lane

The Man from Krypton

The DaVinci Mole


The Psychology of the Simpsons


Wonder's Child


Shadows Fall


Soul of Selling

Finding Serenity

Anthology at the End of the Universe

War of the Worlds

Child of Earth

Gift from the Stars

Into the Dark Lands

Alias Assumed

Navigating the Golden Compass

The Science of Science Fiction


Smart POP Sampler

Flirting with Pride & Prejudice


Revisiting Narnia

The Healing Kitchen

Totally Charmed

King Kong

Healthy Obsession program


Jonathan David Publishers (60+ books total)

China Mosaic

The Complete Passover Cookbook

At the Corner of Fact & Fancy

Judaica Book Guide Spring 2008

Judaica Book Guide Fall 2007

Judaica Book Guide Spring 2007

Judaica Book Guide Fall 2006

Inside Judaism

Ruth Talk

Great Jews in Entertainment

(see more below)



FAT Balance Diet


Little Known Publications

Spiritual Questions
The Whole Truth

It Is What It Is


Aline Hanle

Beyond Fitness


Eyeris Software

User Manual


John Barry Books

Baskets of Eyes


Timberlane Publishing

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Great!


Gallaudet University Press

Primary Movement in Six lLanguages

Video Relay Service Interpreters (cover)

Primary Movement in Sign Languages (cover)

Ethical Considerations . . . (cover)

Signing in Puerto Rican - (cover)

Prosodic Markers - (cover)

International Perspectives . . . (cover)

Access - (cover)

Deaf Pedagogy - (cover)

Deaf Education in America - (cover)

Deaf Learners

Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father


Jeff Doyle

Irresistible Leverage


M. Evans (17 total)

National Directory of Editors and Freelance Writers


Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy

A Piano Teacher’s Legacy


Family String Methods (12 total)

Violin - Books 1 and 2

Viola - Books 1 and 2

Cello - Books and 2



Lessons conversion web to print to web


Digital Technologies, Inc.

The Business of Digital Copyright - revised


Town of Williston, Vermont

Williston Town Plan



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Alcatraz Cover

Harry cover


Bridge cover

TO cover

Bob Eubanks cover


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