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John Reinhardt Book Design
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Internet 101I am a pure book designer.

In other words . . .
I offer the interior design and composition of books.

I believe that each area of design expertise (interior, covers, brochures, catalogs, etc.) requires 100% focus and devotion.

I use Adobe InDesign for design layouts and composition. Images are handled with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I package everything with Adobe Acrobat.


How it Works


Your book is your passion . . .

Designing your book is my passion!

I  T  ’  S     S  I  M  P  L  E  .  .  .

John Reinhardt Book Design 1With over 2,500 books designed, I bring together many years of traditional and innovative interior book design and exceptional technological skills, to provide quality book design for the past, present, and future.

I studied graphic design at Layton School of Art (Milwaukee, WI), and I have had the privilege and honor of studying book design and typography under several accomplished book designers, most notably Robert Chapdu , Irving Perkins, and Yoram Mizrahi.

    While the world around us continues to change, the method by which we read and the principles of comprehension remain the same.

    The designer’s role is to enable the reader to comprehend the material easily and efficiently. Traditional and foundational book design principles are imperative in accomplishing these results.

    Anyone can turn the screw . . . it’s knowing how far to turn the screw that makes all the difference in the world.

At the Corner of Fact & fancyIt’s very simple . . .

Create an exciting and functional design

Work with the publisher/editor/author as if they are family

Consider the project as if it were your own

Turn the project around quickly,

Charge a fair price . . . and have lots of fun !

It gets even simpler:

There are just two reasons why you should choose
John Reinhardt Book Design for your next project . . .

Your reputation . . . and mine!

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