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I had the pleasure of contributing to Yvonne Ventresca’s book, Publishing: Careers for the Twenty-First Century. Check it out.


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40+ Years . . . More than 2,500 books designed . . . the right way


Welcome to the fascinating world of

& Composition

Enthusiastically providing
interior book design
and composition
for publishers and authors worldwide
since 1975.

There are two very important reasons
why choosing

John Reinhardt Book Design

to do your books is your best choice:

Your reputation . . . and mine!

Don’t throw away all of your hard work
and the success of your book
by letting just “anyone” design it!

S E R V I N G . . .

FAQs --- How It Works --- Pricing

JRBD mug thumbAs a self-publishing author, you need someone who can not only create a beautiful and properly designed book (interior and cover) for you, but someone who will take care of all the details in helping you throughout the entire self-publishing process. I’ll take care of you, and your book!

What do the following have in common?

Michael Jordan
Carl Lewis
Dick Vitale
Ronald Reagan
Bob Eubanks
Alberto Salazar
Steve McQueen
Harvey Penick
Shirley Temple
Bill Gallo
Sid Bernstein
Terrell Owens
Barry Goldwater
Steve Covey
Charles Givens
Sean Connery
Sparky Anderson
Charles Barkley
Frank Zappa
Malcom Forbes
Charles Kuralt
Pete Rose
Howard Cosell
Art Buchwald
. . .

I did books by them or about them!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

For references, ask those who have worked with me . . .

  • Cynthia Delaney (Nevada Photographer)
  • Randy Cazzalino (Eat with Cazz and Lose Your Azz)
  • Jennetta Billhimer (Wise Childbearing)
  • Polly Frost. author (With One Eye Open),
    playwright, journalist and new media producer.
  • Niamh van Mienes, CEO of Practitioner Solutions, author.
  • Hilary Watson, author, Complete and Balanced
  • David Kolatch, publisher, Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.
  • Larry Koenig, author, speaker -- Smart Disicipline.
  • Alejandro Chaban, author, De Gordo a Galan
  • Rabbi Jacobs, author, Power Rabbi
  • Audrey Grant, author, world famous bridge teacher, “Better Bridge Series”
  • Michael Esslinger, author, Alcatraz, Letters from Alcatraz
  • Brian Jaffe, author, Thanksgiving Tales
  • Yanet Garcia, author, Forbidden Fairytale
  • Kevin Jones, author, Fat Balance Diet
  • Mike & Renee Mosiman, authors, The Smarter Preschooler
  • Aline Hanle, author, Beyond Fitness
  • Glenn Yeffeth, publisher, BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Theresa Rose, author, Opening the Kimono
  • Dr. Pierre Angier, author, Comfortable Sex
  • David Robie, agent, BigScore Productions
  • David Tasgal, author and famous violin teacher, The Family String Method
  • Jay Nichols, publisher, Headwater Press
  • Tony Mansolino, professional baseball player/author, Dreams May Come, Dreams May Go
  • Angie Singh, publisher, Plural Publishing
  • Brandyn Roth, author, Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Jill Porco, Gallaudet University Press
  • Win Davis, agent, Davis Printing
  • Doug Marman, author, Spiritual Questions, The Whole Truth
  • Jason Gracia, author, Motivated in Minutes
  • Linda Breen Pierce, author, Simplicity Lessons
  • And on and on  . . .



Building books is what I do!


In memoriam . . .

On June 7, 2009, we lost a very special man, a dear friend, and mentor. Irving “Perk” Perkins was a gifted book designer and owner of IPA - Irving Perkins Associates (book design) and Pagesteers, Inc.(Typesetting) companies.

I worked for Perk for several years as a book designer and layout artist. While under his tutelage, I designed nearly a thousand books, learning from Perk a lot about the true art of book design. IPA designed books for most of the major publishers in NYC (Simon & Schuster, Crown, Harper Collins, Bantam Dell, etc.), among many other publishers.

In the early years, we drew each page design by pencil, writing out (what seemed like endless) specs for every element in the book. In the later years, we developed a method of creating typeset designs, eventually leading to what is now InDesign.

We will miss Perk, not only for his talents as a book designer. compositor, and fellow golfer, but mostly as a friend. I owe a lot to Perk.

Thank you Perk . . .


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